Ballistics Protection

Light-Weight, Cost-Effective Ballistics Protection

SHOTSTOPTM Ballistics Protection brings DISRUPTIVE high technology to the world-wide market for protection against gunshots, including armor-piercing bullets. SHOTSTOPTM is constructed from thin sheets of recycled plastic held together with layers of proprietary adhesive. Developed for over two years, the technology behind it is patents pending and key elements of mass production capability are held as proprietary technology.

The SHOTSTOPTM armor plates can be produced to meet up to Type-IV ballistics protection specifications for plate armor established by the National Institute of Justice. SHOTSTOPTM can be customized to meet the level of protection desired by the customer. Ideal for protecting police, military and cash-transporting vehicles, and SHOTSTOPTM plates can be shaped to fit practically any surface.


  • SHOTSTOPTM costs significantly less than other anti-ballistic materials, allowing for competitive pricing with increased profit margins and is about 30% less weight than other anti-ballistic materials.
  • SHOTSTOPTM applications range from bullet-proof vests to door panels for police cars, SWAT team vehicles and military equipment.
  • SHOTSTOPTM is durable and resists wear and tear, with no reduction on protective quality from exposure to water, chemicals, gas or oil.
  • Additives are available to achieve fire-resistance.
  • ShotStop ballistic products are tested by an industry leader in ballistic and armor protection systems testing. For a copy of test results please email your contact information to: